Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garage Sailing XVI: I Ought to find a Larger Sheet

On Friday I needed to do just a little work on my car while at an auto part store. Nothing major, but for safety reasons I needed to disconnect my car's battery. I absent mindedly returned the tools I was borrowing before I reconnected the battery. But the place is only about 3 minutes from my home, so since the work was done I figured I'd just hand-tighten the battery connection, and use my own tools when I got home.

Which I promptly forgot to do.

So on Saturday morning, when I was driving around garage sailing, guess whose car suddenly died in the middle of a busy street? Yeah, that was fun. Fortunately a nice young fellow offered to help me push my car to the side of the road, where I again hand-tightened the battery connection. It was enough for me to limp to my parent's place, where I borrowed a wrench.

A fun start to the day.

I guess Morrie recently broke a picture frame at work. Nothing major, but these frames cost next to nothing. Ten cents for the two small ones, twenty five for the two larger ones. Not our most exciting find of the day.

Last week, Morrie and I got some sticks and some brushes for our new hobby, terrain building. In the week between, we also managed to get into a terrain building seminar which is being hosted at a convention we'll be attending. And while garage sailing today, we also found a few additional tools. The knives will be useful in cutting and texturing the Styrofoam which is used for most of the large objects. The glue gun will have numerous uses. Though--and you'd be surprised how often this happens--we ended up finding 4 better glue guns throughout the day. We didn't buy them, since we already had one, but goddamn it.

Morrie and I both have a bit of the comic book nerd in us. Neither of us are really hardcore, but I've been following Wonder Woman for a few years now, and she reads a lot of Batman.

This lady had a HUGE box of comics for a dollar each. The box was almost entirely made up of Catwoman comics, and something called 'cyberforce' or some nonsense. Neither of those interested me, but I did find these two Batman comics. The center comic is from an iconic Batman storyline actual, where Batman is defeated by Bane. The comic on the left is actually a Dungeons and Dragons comic book put out by Marvel. I had never heard of this before, but it was actually not a bad read. At least compared to other comics of that era. I wouldn't mind learning more about it and maybe finding the other comics in that series.

Nothing like finding hardbound classics for 75 cents apiece. And nothing beats Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle's style remains accessible despite the fact that his world has become so far removed from ours.

I actually hate reading Jules Verne, and 'A Journey to the Center of the Earth' is particularly bad. But I respect it as the progenitor of modern Science Fiction. It's nice to have a copy for reference if nothing else, and I really ought to give reading it another shot.

Last year Morrie was excited to find a leaf press kit, which she has used pretty frequently. This is a much higher quality leaf/flower press kit, with a larger surface area. The bolts will provide a lot more pressure than the Velcro straps did as well, so this was a great find for her at $4.

This is just some random junk, really. Top left is a model of Squidward's house (from Spongebob Squarepants) which is meant to be used in a fish tank. Morrie really enjoys that cartoon, and there are some fish at work. The thing cost 50 cents, so meh.

Top right is another Beanie baby that Morrie had as a kid. She's been slowly collecting the ones she remembers playing with from her childhood whenever we find one.

Bottom left is a water skin. Because Morrie likes to go hiking and whatnot, and these things are cool.

Bottom right is about 20ft of Cat5 cable, which saves me a trip to the store, because I needed that. Plus I got it for about a dollar.

I've got a thing for ancient greek art, so I was pretty happy to find this knock off depiction of bull leaping. I know very little about this particular part of Greek culture, or this painting in particular. None the less, I really enjoy the style, and the Bull's erect, square dick makes me giggle.

I will need to research the origins of this piece further.

Scrabble! Not just Scrabble, but SUPER Scrabble!

As mentioned before, I love board games. And as evidenced by the whole 'writer' thing, I also enjoy words. So Scrabble is a game I really enjoy, even if it's not a game I'm particularly good at.

This edition of scrabble comes with a lot more letters, a much larger board, and is in brand-new condition. Now I just need to find somebody else who wants to sit around for an hour trying to come up with the longest words possible.

Okay, this is kinda cheating. I didn't get these at a garage sale. However, we stopped to go to the Bathroom at a place that rents videos. They were selling old videos for "but one, get two free," which is a pretty great deal. Even if the one I had to pay for cost $10.

The Immortals was supposed to be terrible, but I was impressed by the trailer when I saw it a year ago, and I want to give it a look see for myself. Conan similarly received mediocre reviews, but I enjoyed the original Schwarzenegger film, so again I'd like to give it a try. I've never heard of 'An Education,' but judging it by its cover, it's probably a film of higher quality than the other two. It says it won awards and shit!

And that's everything we got this week. I'm particularly excited for the bull jumping print, and the scrabble game. Those are just cool.

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