Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage Sailing XIV: The Winding Down of the Season

Despite me having a Dungeons and Dragons game later in the day, and Morrie having work, we didn't want to miss the last weekend of August, and potentially the last good Garage Sailing day of the year. And, as it turned out, the day wasn't even that good. We did end up with a fair (though small) number of finds, but all of them (save one item) came from two sales.


The first sale we actually ended up getting anything at was a really odd one. The most odd thing about it is that it was completely set up last weekend, and we saw it, but the damned thing had a sign up saying "No items will be sold until Saturday August 27th"

I find myself wondering how the dealt with the rain we had earlier this week.

The other odd thing is that when we went to purchase our items, and I started to make an offer, the woman running the sale snapped at me. She said, and I quote, "I'll make the deal!"

She ended up giving us everything for $5, which is a better price than I was expecting. No idea why she got so upset when I tried to make an offer though.


This is one of my favorite finds of the day, I think. I've wanted things like these for awhile, but in stores they cost more than I'd like to spend. They're great for use as counters in magic, or for use as monster markers on a D&D battle mat. The wooden box is nice as well. As I mentioned to Morrie, when you put something like that on the table, it adds a little to the fantasy "feel" of a gaming table.


Morrie picked these up. Her dad read them when he was younger, as I understand, and she'd like to give them to him. I don't really know much more than that. Kinda looks like some type of Hardy Boys tale.


This was also a find of Morrie's. We're not sure it works yet, but it was a bargain and very useful for her in her cultivation of plants and such.


Boring kitchen implement we lacked!



I like steins. They are silly and fantasy-ish. I'm not a huge fan of them as a decorative item, nor have I ever partaken of beer or other alcoholic beverages, because I'm a fuddy duddy that way.

None the less, Steins (similar to wooden boxes) add something of a "fantasy feel" to the gaming table. It will be cool sometime to drink my traditional Dr. Pepper out of this thing, rather than an obviously modern plastic bottle.

I also got a number of things at the second good garage sale we found.


Weaboo as it may be, I like eating with chopsticks occasionally. Not all the time, certainly, but sometimes changing the implement with which I eat food seems to alter the eating experience in a pleasant way. I've had a nice pair of chopsticks which I've used for years in my silverware drawer, but they've become so worn out over the years that I probably would have thrown them out long ago if I had anything to replace them with. And now I do!
I think I got these for a dollar.


I always make a beeline for NES games when I see them. I got these for $3 each. Nothing in here which I'd call an amazing find, but Joust is a great game, I have fond memories of Fester's Quest, and Athletic World is essentially the only game which works with the Power Pad I picked up a few weeks back.


On the left is the DVD for "The Road To El Dorado," which I (personally) think is one of the most entertaining children's films I've ever seen. And, for two dollars, it was worth it. To the right is the only item I got from any sale other than this week's "big two." It is the awful, atrocious, should-never-have-been-made Dungeons and Dragons movie. I never saw it, but I saw the sequel, and the sequel was supposed to be far better.

And to make clear just what that means, the sequel ranks among the worst movies I have ever seen. So, ya know, this should be funny. I spent $3 on morbid curiosity. Sue me.

Lastly is an item which I didn't get at a Garage Sale:


My uncle recently told me about all the awesome clothes he had found at places like Good Will & Value Village. He also told me (after reading about my reservations regarding wearing other people's clothes) that many of the clothes in those stores are actually new, having been discarded unsold from clothing retail stores.

So, with money being tight, and recently finding myself in need of a shirt and tie, I decided to give it a look. I couldn't find a tie I wanted, but I found a shirt similar to the one I liked at the store for less than half the price. Woo for bargains!

If this does end up being my last post of the year on this blog, then thanks for reading. And lets raise a stein to next Summer!

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